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《轉貼》關於Radiohead 50個令人難以置信、惡趣味的事實(上)


在網路上看到50 Incredibly Geeky Facts About Radiohead」,其中也包含一些之前流傳的趣聞雖然可能很多已經知道的,但事實上看完Radiohead 這些小道消息,會覺得他們非常趣味幽默,又更多加認識一些舊聞逸事。然後圖片也很可愛,就連圖帶字轉貼過來,字數過多分成上下篇,順便參考google、wiki和網路大概重點翻譯一下,完全不保證正確性,所以附上原文

Radiohead's eighth album 'The King Of Limbs' is available for download and physical pre-order today (February 18). How exciting is that? Here are fifty little-known facts about world's most worshipped rock band.  
Radiohead的第8張專輯《The King Of Limbs》,於今日(2011年2月18日)開放有效下載和實體預購。令人興奮的是?這裡有50個關於世界上最受崇拜的搖滾樂團的不為人知的事實。

The phrase 'King Of Limbs' relates to an ancient oak tree in Wiltshire's Savernake Forest, near where Radiohead recorded part of 'In Rainbows'. The phrase also appears in the 23rd chapter of the Qu'ran.這句「King Of Limbs」意指一棵在威爾特郡的薩弗納克森林的古老橡樹,當年Radiohead在附近錄製一部份的《In Rainbows》。這句也出現在古蘭經的第23章。

On Thom Yorke's iPod? Well, according to his Office Charts playlists, recently he's been listening to a lot of The xx, Burial and Four Tet. He likes his dubstep - he's fond of Ninja Tune artist Emika. Then again he's been listening to a lot of Bach too...  
Thom Yorke的 iPod裡面有啥? 嗯,根據他官方播放列表,最近他一直在聽The xx, Burial and Four Tet。他喜歡dubstep - 他欣賞Ninja Tune(英國電音廠牌)的藝術家Emika。然後,他也一直大量重複聽巴哈...( 我也一直大量重複聽顧爾德的巴哈)

Radiohead's debut album 'Pablo Honey' was marketed by their US label at the Beavis & Butt-head "slacker" generation. A print ad at the time read: "Radiohead - better than Butt-head! Oxford England's rowdiest new band. Huh-huh-huh, music that doesn't suck. Featuring the self-loathing anthem 'Creep'." Oh dear... 
Radiohead的首張專輯《Pablo Honey》在美國銷售時稱為癟四與大頭「懶鬼」的一代。在文宣寫著:「電台司令-比大頭更好!來自英國牛津的粗暴新樂。哈 - 哈 - 哈音樂不糟糕,特別推薦自我厭惡國歌Creep”」哦,親愛的...
( 看不懂原文在表達什麼?這就是文化隔膜吧!當年癟四與大頭看Creep的MV片段,很好笑)

What's the connection between Radiohead and mournful 70s kids' TV show Bagpuss? Well, the alternative title of 'There There' - off 'Hail To The Thief' - is a reference to the programme, which Thom Yorke loved as a child. 'The Boney King Of Nowhere' is a song sung by Gabriel the banjo-playing toad in the second episode, The Owls Of Athens. 
Radiohead和憂傷的70年代兒童電視節目Bagpuss”之間有什麼關係嗎? 嗯,直到《Hail To The Thief》發行前,“There There”有個替代性副標題“The Boney King Of Nowhere”,這一個參考方案是Thom Yorke小時候所喜愛的歌,由加布里埃爾蟾蜍用班卓琴演奏,在第二集The Owls of Athens

Did you know Radiohead once covered Oasis' 'Wonderwall' during a US radio session? It's not the only wacky cover version they've done - search YouTube for their rendition of Glen Campbell's 'Rhinestone Cowboy'. It's actually really good. 
你知道Radiohead曾經在美國電台節目上翻唱Oasis的“Wonderwall”嗎?這不是唯一的惡搞翻唱版本,他們已經完成了,搜索YouTube他們表演Glen Campbel的“Rhinestone Cowboy”,實際上真的很不錯。(沒錯!!這歌聲聽起來很年輕,不知道是何時唱的?)

Radiohead met in the '80s as fellow pupils at an all-boys public school, the Abingdon School, in Oxfordshire. Ubiquitous TV comic David Mitchell went to the same school - he was a few years below. 
Radiohead的成員相遇在80年代一所私立寄宿制男子中學,牛津阿賓頓學校(Abington School)。無處不在的電視喜劇演員David Mitchell也就讀這所學校,他是較低年級的學生。
Thom Yorke's dad was an amateur boxer, and encouraged his son to take up the hobby - without much success. 
Thom Yorke的父親曾是一名業餘拳擊手,並鼓勵他的兒子開始從事這愛好, 但沒有成功。(這張照片真是 Thom金髮最好看的時候,又帥又性感!)
The noise at the beginning of '' The Bends'' title track is that of a group of kids parading outside an American hotel the band were staying in, which Thom ran out and taped. 
主打歌“The Bends”開始的噪音是一群孩子招搖地遊行聲,就在樂團曾經住的美國旅館外面,當時Thom跑出來並錄音。
Smash hit breakthrough tune ‘Creep’ was initially dismissed as a possible single release in 1992 when producers mistakenly thought it was a Scott Walker cover. The confusion occurred after the band demoed the song in the studio and Yorke described it as “our Scott Walker song” (meaning it to be a moody soundalike). 
歷久不衰的經典歌曲“Creep”最初在1992年差點被取消發行,因為製作人誤以為這是首翻唱自Scott Walker的歌。這場誤會源自樂在錄音室表演這首歌之後Yorke將它描述為「我們的Scott Walker式的歌」(意味這首歌聽起來很情緒化)。
Scott Walker-related fact number two: The eccentric crooner would love to join Radiohead. Walker was quoted in 2006 saying: “Radiohead are fabulous. If I could have it all again and be in a band, that’s the kind of band I’d like to have been in.” 
第二個和Scott Walker有關的事實:這個特立獨行的歌手曾想加入Radiohead。Walker在2006年說:「Radiohead棒極了。假如我能從頭來過加入一支樂的話,他們就是我想加入的那種樂。」
Thom Yorke wrote ‘Creep’ after being rejected by a girl he was infatuated with while studying at Exeter University in the late '80s. Yorke says it is about being in love with someone, but not feeling good enough, declaring, “There's the beautiful people and then there's the rest of us.”
80年代末,Thom Yorke在埃克塞特大學念書時,遭到一個被他迷戀的女孩拒絕後寫了Creep。Yorke說這是關於愛上某人,但感覺自已不足夠美好,宣稱:「除了我們之外還有許多美麗的人。」

Back in 1992, one NME live reviewer described Radiohead as “a lily-livered excuse for a rock band”. Oops. We came round though, giving 1997's 'OK Computer' 10 out of 10. 
回到1992年,一名《NME》雜誌的現場評論員把Radiohead描述為「一個對搖滾樂膽怯的藉口」,但我們後來想通了,給了1997年的《OK Computer》滿分。
While writing 'Exit Music (For A Film)', Thom Yorke knew it would be used on the Romeo And Juliet soundtrack, and initially attempted to write the lyrics using lines from Shakespeare's play. It didn't work out. 
當初寫這首歌“Exit Music (For A Film)”,Thom Yorke知道它會被用在”羅密歐與茱麗葉“的電影配樂,一開始嘗試用莎士比亞的詩文戲本寫歌詞,但沒有成功。
In a poll of NME readers in 2006, 'Just' came out as Radiohead's best song. Thom Yorke explained its genesis thus: "'Just' was actually a competition between me and Jonny to get as many chords as possible into a song!"
在2006年《NME》雜誌讀者的一項調查顯示,Just奪得Radiohead的最佳歌曲。Thom Yorke解釋它的起源是這樣的:「Just實際上是我和Jonny之間互相比賽儘可能在一首歌裡加入更多的和弦!」( Thom吃冰好可愛!“Just”的MV也很經典)
A growing number of Radiohead fans believe that 'OK Computer' and 'In Rainbows' are both part of an over-arching masterplan. Apparently if you listen to them in sequence - one song from one, then one song from the other - they blend into each other. Head to Puddlegum for the full theory: it's not as mad as it sounds.
有越來越多的Radiohead歌迷們認為《OK Computer》和《In Rainbows》是一體兩面的總體計畫。顯然,假如你聽取他們的意見,在播放排列中 - 一首歌對另一首歌,然後下一首對其他下一首歌 - 他們會相互融為一體。Puddlegum完整的理論:這不像聽起來那麼瘋狂。
(《The King Of Limbs》有被認為是《In Rainbows》的B-Sides,而《Hail to the Thief》曾稱為《OK Computer 2》,所以這些專輯的關係是?)

Radiohead cite their music teacher, Terence Gilmore-James, as an early mentor. Colin Greenwood explains, "When we started, it was very important that we got support from him, because we weren't getting any from the headmaster. You know, the man once sent us a bill, charging us for the use of school property."
Radiohead把他們的音樂老師Terence Gilmore-James看做一個啟蒙者。Colin Greenwood解釋道:「當我們剛開始練團,得到他的支持很重要,因為我們從校長那兒什麼也得不到。你知道,有一次校長還寄了一張帳單給我們,要向我們使用學校財產請款。」

In 1987, a week after Jonny Greenwood’s first rehearsal with On A Friday, the band played their debut gig at the Jericho Tavern in Oxford. Modelling themselves on early heroes Talking Heads, they added a brass section, including two saxophone-playing sisters to fill out the line-up.
在1987年, Jonny Greenwood加入「On A Friday」排練的第一周之後,樂隊在牛津傑里科旅社(現已經不存在)進行了處女秀。他們仿照「Talking Heads」早期陣容,加入了銅管樂器,其中包括一對吹薩克斯的姐妹。

After the success of Radiohead’s debut album, 1993’s 'Pablo Honey', Yorke has confessed his ego got a bit out of control, causing him to drink too much and dick about with his hair (blond extensions, anyone?). “When I got back to Oxford I was unbearable,” he cringed in 2000, “as soon as you get any success you disappear up your own arse."
在Radiohead的首張專輯,1993年的《Pablo Honey》大獲成功之後,Yorke承認他自負得有些失控,這導致他酗酒成性和很討厭的頭髮(金髮擴張,任何人?),「當我回到牛津的時候我簡直無法忍受,』他在2000年坦承道,「你越快取得成功就容易迷失自我。」

Colin Greenwood and Thom Yorke’s first musical project together was called TNT – they were a bit punky. While Yorke was at Exeter University, he played guitar in Flickernoise, a techno outfit.
Colin Greenwood和Thom Yorke第1次合作的音樂計劃叫做「TNT」──有點龐克。當時Yorke在埃克塞特大學,他在閃爍噪音中彈吉他,一個Techno組合。
Despite being released eight years apart, 'Creep' and 'Motion Picture Soundtrack' were written on the same day. The latter song existed for many years as an acoustic bootleg before it finally surfaced as the pedal organ-led closing track on 'Kid A'.
儘管CreepMotion Picture Soundtrack8年前就被發表並在同一天寫成。後者歌曲的盜版存在多年後,才終於像浮出水面的踏板,收錄在《Kid A》的結尾歌曲。

Almost twenty years since it was released, 'Creep' is still making waves. Prince covered it at Coachella 2008 - then pulled all footage of it from YouTube. In July 2010, the trailer to The Social Network included a cover of 'Creep' by Belgian choir group Scala & Kolacny Brothers.
最近20年以來,Creep這首歌不斷被發表,至今仍餘波蕩漾。Prince在2008年的Coachella音樂祭翻唱- 然後將它放上YouTube的所有鏡頭。2010年7月,「社群網戰」的電影預告包含Creep,由比利時合唱團Scala & Kolacny Brothers翻唱。

According to Thom Yorke, he and Colin Greenwood only ended up in a band together because of their terrible dress sense: “We always ended up at the same parties. He’d be wearing a beret and a catsuit, or something pretty fucking weird and I’d be in a frilly blouse and crushed velvet dinner suit and we’d pass round the Joy Division records.”
根據Thom Yorke的說法,他和Colin Greenwood最終成為隊友是因為他們可怕的衣著品味:「我們總是參加同樣的聚會。他會戴個貝雷帽,穿一條女士緊身連衣褲,或者其他什麼相當奇怪的玩意兒。而我會穿一件項鑲褶邊的女式襯衫,還有皺巴巴的天鵝絨晚禮服,而且互相交換Joy Division的唱片。」
 (可以參考「How to Be Like Colin Greenwood - in Ten Easy Steps」很趣味,若像Colin一樣也不錯,最好能有個像Jonny Greenwood的兄弟)

Jonny Greenwood is famous for playing a Fender Telecaster (although, er, he's playing a Starcaster in this picture). One notable exception? The 'Stop Whispering' video, in which he plays a Rickenbacker. That video is also notable for the sight of Thom Yorke in a natty white suit.
Jonny Greenwood是以彈奏一把Fender Telecaster吉他著名的(雖然,呃,他在這張照片彈的是Starcaster。)有一個值得注意的例外? 在Stop Whispering這支MV,他彈的是一把Rickenbacker。另一個值得注意的是Thom Yorke在裡頭穿著一件整潔的白色西裝。

These days 'Kid A' is regarded as a boundary-breaking masterwork, but back in 2000 it had some pretty snitty reviews. Mark Beaumont in Melody Maker gave it 1.5 out of 5, calling it "tubby, ostentatious,self-congratulatory, look-ma-I-can-suck-my-own-cock whiny old rubbish."
時至今日《Kid A》被認為是作為一個分界線的創新傑作,但早在2000年,只有一些漂亮的評論。Mark Beaumont在「Melody Maker」給了它1.5分,滿分為5,稱它是「短粗,財大氣粗,自我恭維,look-ma-I-can-suck-my-own-cock,煩人的舊垃圾。」